Secure Storage While You Travel

Before moving abroad or when travelling, be sure to check out Stratford Self Store’s services.

In order to pack for a big adventure, you’ll need a place to store your belongings that’s convenient, secure, and affordable. Our self-storage units can be tailored to fit your exact needs, which is why Stratford self-storage offers customized storage solutions.

Short Term Self Storage For Holidays

Think about what you need first before deciding how to manage all your stuff. Which of your electronic devices, confidential documents, furniture, jewellery, or outdoor equipment most concerns you?
The size of your storage unit is ultimately determined by how much and what kind of items you’ll be storing. If you wish to store substantial objects, it is not worth saving a few pounds by buying a small unit. If you jam everything into a tight space, you might not be able to pack everything properly.

Be sure you pack your belongings well when you rent a short-term storage unit. As decades of experience have taught us, it is important that you pack your short-term self-storage unit properly.

Tips when Packing Your Short Terms Self Storage Unit

• To allow for optimal airflow, avoid stacking or leaning furniture against the walls of your secure self storage unit.
• Distribute the weight of the boxes evenly. This keeps the stack of partially filled or bulging cardboard boxes from toppling over.
• Don’t use any old box you find in the garage since when put under strain, it can flatten or collapse.
• Use packing paper, bubble wrap, and the appropriate boxes when packing breakables.
• Label your boxes so you can quickly discover what you’re looking for.
• Cover all of the furniture with dust blankets.
• Disassemble or fold objects if at all possible.

Why store with Stratford Self Store?

Regardless of how big or small your storage unit is, we have a variety of sizes and can offer you flexible pricing. We offer both long-term and short-term agreements. For those wishing to store everything they own whilst on a gap year or for anyone who prefers to keep their most precious possessions safe whilst on holiday, we have the solution for you.

At all our sites, CCTV and intruder alarms are installed with state-of-the-art security systems. Plus, you are the only holder of the key to your room during opening hours, enabling unlimited access.

We also offer a variety of storage options. You will be able to speak with a team of friendly advisers, who will assist you at any point during the storage process.