How to choose the right storage unit

Here at Stratford Self Store, we have a range of units available in different sizes to suit different requirements. Our smallest storage unit is 35sqft and our largest storage unit is 200sqft, with a range of sized units in between.

  1. Different sized units are available

Thinking about the items that you wish to store. Are they large bulky items like furniture? Are they smaller items that can be packed in boxes, do you have a bit of both? Think about how you can best use the storage space.

Can you stack boxes on some items? Do you need to buy some stronger storage boxes to protect your items in transporting and storage?

  1. Have you tried the tape trick?

Still not sure what size space you need? Our top tip would be to try the tape trick. This involves trying to map out the size of the unit required by moving all the items you wish to store into an empty space and measuring the circumference using tape.

Remember that you can stack some of your items on top of each other. This ensures that you will not be paying additionally for any space you don’t require.

  1. Think about the best use of your storage space

Once you have considered the items that you are storing, you will have a rough idea of the space that you need. Also, can your items be stored in boxes, that you can stack on top of each other to make the most of the height of the storage space? This gives you more floor space for larger bulkier items like furniture. Packing the space carefully can save you space and also might help to reduce your costs.

  1. Go bigger, not smaller

If you look to rent over a long period of time, some people often rent a bigger storage unit so they can add additional items later. This is often the case if you are moving into rented accommodation or renting a unit for business purposes.

A larger unit will ensure that items are not over stacked and crammed on top of each other and therefore will not be damaged whilst in storage. If you are planning on having the storage for some time it will also allow you to move around the unit to get your items more easily.

We are always here to help, so if you are still not sure then our team at Stratford Self Store can take a brief of your requirements and suggest a storage unit that they think will be most suited to you.