What you can and can’t store in your storage unit

Stratford Self Store, along with many other storage unit companies who are members of the Self Storage Association, have rules regarding what can and can’t be stored within a storage unit.

You should be able to store most items in your unit but read this article carefully to note what you can and cannot store to check to see if you have items that can’t be stored.

Things you cannot store in storage units

The list of items that are prohibited to store in storage units include:

  • Firearms and any other weapon.
  • Any type of perishable food.
  • Combustible or flammable substances or chemicals and objects including fireworks.
  • Anything living or dead.
  • Money from change to large amounts.
  • Deeds or securities documents.
  • Any sentimental or irreplaceable items.
  • Stolen or smuggled property, goods or substances.
  • Vehicle tyres.
  • Files with personal information.

Other than the above list, you can store almost anything in a storage unit, dependent upon your requirements. If you are unsure whether you will be able to store an item or certain objects in our storage unit, please contact our team on 01789 720 027 and we will be able to clarify this with you.