Packing Tips for Your Self-Storage Unit

Packing units can be tricky and stressful if not done properly.

At-home preparation

  • Make a list of items you are storing
  • Take pictures of the items you are storing
  • Use good quality boxes that are stackable
  • List the contents of each box on the outside to identify your items
  • Organise them before you get to the unit
    • Put heavier boxes ready to get out of the car first and to go on the floor/lower levels
    • Sharps or fragile items to be wrapped up properly and kept out of reach
  • Wrap up your items properly in bubble wrap and tape

When you get to the unit

  • Think about how you will layout your unit
    • Items not needed will be better at the back
  • Make the most of your space
    • Stack items where possible
    • Use storage spaces for items too
  • Protect your furniture – wrap it up or cover it properly
  • Stand items on their ends if possible – mattress etc.

Packing Your Self-Storage Unit

If you are packing up your items at home to store them in your self-storage unit, this can be stressful and tricky to know what works best. Let’s take a look at some handy tips…

At Home

When you begin to pack your items for self-storage, it is important to do it right from the beginning.

  • Make a list of the items you are putting into storage
  • Take photos of items too!
  • Use quality cardboard or plastic boxes – these need to hold and store your items well
  • List the contents of each box so you know what is where
  • Organise your boxes – you want to do the heavy lifting first!

At the Self-Storage Unit

When you get to your self-storage unit, you need to ensure that you make the most of your space!

  • Think about how you want to lay things out – you don’t want the useful items at the back!
  • Make the most of the space through stacking items or storing them in items (i.e., wardrobes or drawers)
  • Protect your furniture well – use sheets or wrapping to cover them and protect the materials
  • For big or long items, store them on their ends!

Stratford Self Storage Units for You

At Stratford Self Storage, we are able to offer you a large, clean and dry unit for your items. Each unit had double door access and there is a sole keyholder. You are able to access your unit 24/7 too!

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