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A winter self-storage unit allows you to free up space in your home and store all your summer items safely and securely. It can also be used to store winter equipment such as snow blowers, ski and snowboard equipment, and sledges. It also provides a space to put them in your home. However, extreme temperatures can damage them if proper precautions are not taken when storing your belongings.

To keep your items safe during the winter, follow these storage tips below:

Choosing the Right Storage Facility in Stratford Upon Avon

When choosing a storage unit, look for one close to your home. Especially in winter, you don’t want to drive too much on poorly maintained roads.

Clean Items Before Storing

Make sure everything you put in the storage unit is clean and dry. Any kind of food substance left on any of your items can attract pests to your unit. Thoroughly wash anything that has been used outdoors. Dirt and grime can damage and ruin items over time. As an added bonus, all items will be clean and ready by spring!

Keep Electronics off the Floor

The warehouse floor is always the coldest part of the warehouse, with or without air conditioning. Anything with electronic equipment or electrical parts can be very sensitive to cold, especially if used for a long time. To protect electronic equipment, store it on a shelf in a storage room or in a box off the floor.

Use Wool or Cotton for Insulation

When storing items over the winter, it is recommended that you use wool or cotton blankets and towels to wrap or cover items. Vinyl or plastic covers can trap moisture. For long-term storage, especially during the winter, a breathable cover is preferable. Not only does it provide extra protection for your items, but it also helps keep them out of pests and dust.

Air-Conditioned Storage Unit

If you have items that are sensitive to extreme temperatures, such as appliances, antiques, or works of art, renting an air-conditioned storage unit is worth the additional investment. Air-conditioned storage units are kept at a constant temperature, so you can be sure your items are protected from cracking, warping and rotting. And regardless of the weather, being outdoors in a dry, warm atmosphere makes the move to the storage room more comfortable.

Warwickshire’s Stratford Self Store offers a wide range of storage options. We strive to provide a safe, secure and convenient place for your belongings. Our warehouses are equipped with individually coded access and surveillance cameras

Stratford Self Storage Units for You

At Stratford Self Storage, we are able to offer you a large, clean and dry unit for your items. Each unit had double door access and there is a sole keyholder. You are able to access your unit 24/7 too!

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