Shoe Storage Stratford Upon Avon

Stratford Self Store is based in Stratford Upon Avon and offers a wide range of storage facilities including storage units. Storage units can be rented for a period to suit the customer and to store personal belongings/ assets. There are many items which are typically stored in our facilities including furniture, occasion decorations and much more. However, recently there has been a growth in using storage units for shoes.


Shoe Storage

Storage units for shoes

Shoes take up a lot of space within a household, whether that be in a wardrobe, under stair storage or in a cupboard and usually, are only worn at certain times throughout the year. For this reason, many people who have summer shoes and winter shoes choose to store their shoes in storage. Not only does this allow you easy access to your shoes as you will have more storage at home, but it also de-clutters your household.

Depending on how many shoes you wish to store in a storage unit, Stratford Self Store allows you to choose a storage container size best to suit you. We have a range of sizes available to rent starting from a 10sqft storage container, 60sqft storage room to a 200qft storage room. This means that you can store your shoes alone or with other household objects.

Contact us to hire a storage unit for shoes

If you would like to hire out a storage unit/ container at our compound based in Stratford Upon Avon for your shoes, contact us on 01789 720 027.