Think cardboard was only good for packing boxes? Think again….

Incredible cardboard creations you need to see now

At Stratford Self Store one of the most common items we see are cardboard boxes; whether they are coming or going, they are still one of the most common forms of packaging. Cardboard is an amazing material, and we are not the only ones who are fascinated by this product. Many designers across the globe are also using it to build incredible cardboard creations, and we would like to share some of our favourites.

Origami car by Lexus UK
Lexus are known for their luxury vehicles, but origami? The company commissioned LaserCut Works and Scales and Models to design and create a one of a kind IS saloon to celebrate human craftsmanship. It took 5 people 3 months, and 1700 laser-cut cardboard sheets to complete, and featured functional doors, headlights and wheels.

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Cardboard furniture
In the early 1970s, architect Frank Gehry won his first design award for furniture made from corrugated cardboard. In recent years this trend has boomed, and you can now buy most types of furniture made from cardboard. Whether it is something for a spare bedroom or your office, from wardrobes to desks, the range of products available may surprise you.

One of the first companies to launch a range of affordable cardboard furniture in the UK was Eco Floots, you can even find their products for sale on Amazon.

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